Bengals’ Joe Burrow opens up about injury struggles & rehab, admits “football mortality” is on his mind

Bengals’ Joe Burrow opens up about injury struggles & rehab, admits “football mortality” is on his mind

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has had an extended offseason, facing more downtime than his teammates due to a season-ending wrist injury.

This latest setback, among other injuries, has led Burrow to reflect on his career and his approach to recovery.

Joe Burrow expresses deep disappointment over injury that sidelines him for remainder of NFL seasonRoberto Ortega

Burrow: I have to fight through mental challenges

Burrow has been dealing with injuries since entering the NFL.

His 2023 season ended prematurely due to torn ligaments in his right wrist, which required surgery.

This injury came after he had already struggled with a calf injury earlier in the season.

Throughout his career, Burrow has also endured a torn ACL, knee injuries, and an appendectomy.

“Whenever the injuries start to stack up, your football mortality kind of comes into the back of your mind,”Burrow said following a recent minicamp practice.

“So that’s definitely something I’ve thought about and something I have had to fight through.”

Despite these challenges, Burrow remains determined to return to the field stronger.

He has been throwing passes in minicamp, although his focus is on a full recovery rather than immediate performance.

Burrow emphasized the importance of being ready for the start of the season and maintaining health through the long haul, rather than rushing back prematurely.

“That’s something we’re being more proactive about this year,”Burrow explained.

“We don’t have to be ready to go in the middle of June. We have to be ready to go early September through February. That’s how we’re attacking this offseason and this rehab plan and these practices and training camp. We’re attacking it like I want to be out there playing in February.”

Bengals taking steps to prevent injuries for their QB

The Bengals have incorporated rest days for Burrow, with head coach Zac Taylor and offensive coordinator Dan Pitcher ensuring he is not on a strict throwing schedule.

The goal is to prevent further injuries and ensure Burrow is prepared for a full season.

Burrow’s injury history is extensive.

In his rookie season, he suffered a severe knee injury with three torn ligaments, which required a lengthy rehabilitation.

He also dealt with multiple setbacks during his recovery.

Last season, a calf injury during training camp lingered and was aggravated in Week 2.

His wrist injury in Week 10 against the Baltimore Ravens ended his season.

“You always forget how hard it is coming back from injury — that’s every time it happens,”Burrow noted.

“There’s always peaks where you’re like, ‘I’m feeling great,’ and then a couple of months later you have a couple of days where it’s like, ‘Man, I’m not feeling that great.’ In the past I pushed through that and caused problems for myself, and this year I’m not doing that.”

Burrow’s new approach is also influenced by his long-term value to the Bengals.

After signing a five-year, $275 million extension in September, the expectations are higher than ever for the QB.

Burrow’s availability and performance are critical to the team’s success, as seen in seasons where he has stayed healthy compared to those marred by injuries.

Will the Bengals make it back to the postseason in 2024?

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