Celtics legend Kevin Garnett ‘invite’ Jeff Bezos to purchase the team: ‘What if tho?’

Celtics legend Kevin Garnett ‘invite’ Jeff Bezos to purchase the team: ‘What if tho?’

In recent days, there was a report that Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos was selling $5 billion in stock of his company and many thought this was a sign that he is pursuing the purchase of the Boston Celtics. The NBA team is currently for sale after owner Wyc Grousbeck madethe announcement right after the Celtics won their 18th championship last month. Currently, Boston’s value is at $5 billion according to Forbes. And coincidentally, Bezos started trying to sell that stock for the exact same price. Speculation started mounting and even some of the team’s former players began chipping onto the possibility. One of these legends i former players Kevin Garnett, who released an Instagram story talking about this possibility. Alongside a story of the news, Kevin wrote: “What if tho?”

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Is Jeff Bazos potentially buying the Celtics?

If this could be indeed a chance for Jeff Bezos to buy the Celtics, it would definitely be on brand for him as he is fairly interested in purchases that can only build up his brand. Having that Amazon exclusivity with an NBA team means hundreds of millions of dollars for the brand on an annual basis. Granted, the team would cost him $5 billion but based on the growth his brand constantly has, it is safe to say that he has the skill to potentially double the team’s value in less than one decade. The BostonCeltics are officially the most successful team in NBA history after surpassing the Lakers with this year’s championship. And that is something that attracts a mogul like Jeff.

As far as the payroll inside the team, the Celtics currently has on of the biggest payrolls in the league. After Jayson Tatum’s recent $314 million contract extension, that can be added to Holiday and White’s extentions. Currently, the Celtics have a payroll of around $450 million after taxes. A number that is well above the second apron limit and the franchise will be paying an expensive luxury tax. If Bezos is on board with this, there is a good chance that the Celtics finances will have excellent management. We will keep all Boston Celtics fans posted on this news, whether Jeff Bezos buys it or not.

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