Evan Fournier grabs Dennis Schröder by the throat creating a brawil before the Olympics

Evan Fournier grabs Dennis Schröder by the throat creating a brawil before the Olympics

It is almost time for the summer Olympics and with them the preparations for many competitions are in store. Those competitions include basketball and for those interested, the matchups will be filled with NBA and Europe leagues superstars.

Because of all this, teams are playing international friendly matchups and looking to sharpen their teeth for the upcoming competition. On Saturday these games continued, and everyone had the opportunity to witness a great game and more.

Germany faced France in what many believed it could be a great matchup but all the attention turned to the NBA stars that were involved in a brawl.

Evan Fournier grabbed Dennis Schroder by the throat during an unexpected encounter on the floor and he was ejected by the referees even when the German was the one who started it.

It was interesting at the end

After all the pushing and shoving that went on, it turned out that at the end it appeared everything was all good between them. According to reports, they were able to make amends before the court cleared by exchanging words that led many to believe that there was no harm.

All this ugly situation went down late in the first half when France was leading 41 to 23 and Schroder drove to the hoop on a fast break. Waiting for him in the paint was a double-team of Bilal Coulibaly and Fournier, who ripped the ball out of his hands.

Obviously, that did not go over well as Schroder charged at Fournier as if he was going to ring his neck but then backed off and then Fournier countered by doing what Schroder did not and both teams met at that point. Fortunetly nothing else happened and besides the ejection mentioned.

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