Gala Games Emphasizes Password Security in Latest Guardian Papers

Gala Games Emphasizes Password Security in Latest Guardian Papers

Gala Games Emphasizes Password Security in Latest Guardian Papers

Gala Games has released the sixth installment of its Guardian Papers series, focusing on the critical importance of password security to safeguard digital assets. According to Gala News, the latest edition aims to educate the blockchain community on creating and maintaining secure passwords to fend off digital threats.

What Makes a Password Secure?

In the digital age, nearly everyone has numerous passwords across various platforms. Yet, many individuals still use unsafe practices, leaving their digital profiles vulnerable. Gala Games stresses that as technology advances, both defensive tools and hacking techniques become more sophisticated, making strong passwords more crucial than ever.

Length and Variety

Gala Games advises on the importance of password length and character variety. With current computing power, cyber attackers can attempt billions of password combinations per second. Hence, longer and more complex passwords are essential. For example, a seven-character password using numbers alone has 10 million possible combinations. However, including uppercase and lowercase letters boosts this number to over 3.5 trillion.


Passwords should be unique and not easily guessable. Common phrases, dictionary words, or mnemonics like years can make passwords vulnerable. The goal is to create something only the user knows, avoiding commonly used passwords like “password” or “123456.”

Fun Fact: According to a study by NordPass, the top 10 most used passwords worldwide include:

1. 123456

2. admin

3. 12345678

4. 123456789

5. 1234

6. 12345

7. password

8. 123

9. Aa123456

10. 1234567890

Don’t be like these people. Make your passwords secure.


Personal information like birth years, pet names, or children’s names should not be used in passwords. Such easily accessible details can be exploited by hackers to breach accounts.

Common Password Vulnerabilities

Even secure passwords can have vulnerabilities. It’s vital to understand all potential angles of attack.

The Human Element

Phishing attempts are a common way for attackers to obtain passwords. Gala Games warns that passwords should never be shared, even with trusted entities. A single error in judgment can compromise an entire digital profile.

Data Breaches

Massive data breaches have shown that even secure information can be compromised. Gala Games advises against using the same password for multiple accounts and recommends changing passwords frequently. Storing passwords offline can also enhance security.

In 2020, white hat hacking group FireEye identified a worldwide breach in the SolarWinds software. Over 18,000 clients were compromised, with the breach later attributed to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. This incident underscores the importance of robust password practices.

Password Managers and Single Sign On

Password managers and Single Sign On (SSO) can help manage multiple passwords securely. However, these tools should be used cautiously. Choosing a reputable password manager and following recommended security practices are crucial.

Hold the Line

Most digital breaches occur through compromised passwords. Gala Games emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong passwords as the first line of defense. Even with additional security measures like private keys and two-factor authentication, a weak password can compromise the entire system.

The Advance Guard

Gala Games aims to empower its community through the Guardian Papers series, offering resources to enhance digital security. The next installment will focus on two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication, continuing the mission to bolster defenses in the blockchain world.

Stay safe, guardians!

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