It’s showtime! NECA re-issues 18″ talking Beetlejuice figure

It’s showtime! NECA re-issues 18″ talking Beetlejuice figure

NECA will re-release an 18″, 1:4 scale talking Beetlejuice figure to coincide with the upcoming sequel. Both are due out in September.

Beetlejuice figure

Daylight come and me wan’ take this home! NECA has unveiled a 1:4 scale talking Beetlejuice figure set to coincide with the upcoming release of sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Oh, crap, that was three times! Unfortunately, the figure didn’t just appear in my living room so this might have to be an actual purchase.

Toy collectors and Beetlejuice fans will note that this isn’t an original figure but instead a re-issue of one that NECA put out in 2008 to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary. But considering those listed on eBay go for hundreds of dollars, fans might want to consider this re-issue. That said, it would have been cool if they had at least updated it for the 2024 character. As for lines the Beetlejuice figure says, they aren’t listed on the box art but the 2008 version said things like, “Thank you! Woo! That is why I won’t do two shows a night anymore, babe. I won’t. I won’t do them.” and “Go ahead, make my millennium.”

As per the official description: “Need to scare the living away from your comfy haunt? Just say “Betelgeuse” three times and you’ll summon the hereafter’s most obnoxious freelance bio-exorcist! Tim Burton’s masterful comedy Beetlejuice comes to life with this talking 18″ action figure of the Ghost with the Most. When motion activated, it speaks actual lines from the movie. Highly detailed and articulated for posing. Uses button cell batteries, included. A great addition to any fan’s collection!”

NECA is undoubtedly one of the leaders in pop culture toys, delivering some of the most fun figures and replicas for cult favorite and modern horror & sci-fi properties. I still regret not buying the life-size E.T. when it was in its original release, while I am genuinely concerned for the dudes who snatched up the life-size M3GAN that NECA put out last year…

The 18” Beetlejuice figure is up for pre-order on a small selection of sites and is expected to arrive in September, the same month that Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is summoned to theaters. But prior to that, the highly-anticipated follow-up will make its premiere at the 81st Venice Film Festival, which it is slated to open.

What do you think of NECA’s Beetlejuice figure? Will you be picking it up? What is your favorite NECA piece in your collection?

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