Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Pumped About Texas Tech’s New Threads

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Pumped About Texas Tech’s New Threads

In the NFL, every great player comes from a university that shaped them into a professional athlete. Education and values must accompany the athletic success of top players to inspire others. Legends like Tom Brady from the University of Michigan, Peyton Manning from Tennessee, Deion Sanders from Florida State, and other successful NFL athletes all spent time at a university before making their mark.

Before being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, Patrick Mahomes spent three seasons with the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Now, at the pinnacle of his career with two consecutive Super Bowl wins and three in the last four years, Mahomes hasn’t forgotten his roots. He has supported the Red Raiders, helping secure a deal with Adidas, replacing Under Armour as their apparel sponsor, and adding his personal logo alongside Adidas’ on the field for the upcoming season. Mahomes showed his happiness after seeing the new Red Raiders uniform in a tweet.

During his two and a half seasons at Texas Tech, Mahomes played in 32 games, completing 63.5% of his passes, throwing for 11,252 yards, 93 touchdowns, 29 interceptions, and achieving a rating of 152.0. These impressive stats earned him the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft. Today, with the Chiefs, Patrick has maintained his high level of play, leading Kansas City to at least the AFC Championship Game every year as a starter. His video game-like numbers and record-breaking performances have already secured his place in the Hall of Fame.

Despite various off-field issues during the offseason, which now seem resolved, the Chiefs enter the upcoming season with one clear objective: achieving the first three-peat in NFL history. Eight teams have been in this position before, with Tom Brady’s New England Patriots being the most recent in 2006, but none have succeeded. Will Patrick Mahomes be the first to accomplish this feat?

As Mahomes continues to excel in his NFL career, his contributions to Texas Tech demonstrate his commitment to giving back and supporting future athletes. This blend of on-field dominance and off-field generosity cements his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history even with a long career ahead.

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