LeBron James praises his son Bronny: He’s the complete opposite of his dad

LeBron James praises his son Bronny: He’s the complete opposite of his dad

LeBron James is coming towards the latter stages of his remarkable NBA career and he now gets the pleasure of watching two of his sons attempting to make it big in the basketball world.

One of the sons, Bronny, is now on the books of the Los Angeles Lakers and the news that his dad is signing a new contract means they will be on the same team when the new season gets underway.

One of the toughest parts of being an NBA star is dealing with constant attention and criticism, especially from those in the outside world who don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about.

As far as LeBron is concerned, though, Bronny has absolutely got the mindset needed to succeed.

LeBron backs his son

The Lakers superstar said in a sit-down interview with ESPN that Bronny “doesn’t give a f***” about any of the outside noise.

“He doesn’t. Bronny plays. He works his tail off. When he goes home, he plays video games.”

Many people think that Bronny being picked by the Lakers was an example of nepotism in sport, meaning he only got to this point because of who his dad is.

LeBron thinks that his son is different to him in the sense that Bronny simply does not care about these suggestions that he does not deserve his chance.

“I actually cared a little bit when I came in,” LeBron said. “I wanted people to like me. Some of the things people were saying about me kind of bothered me early on in my career. I let it get to me.”

“He does not care about nobody’s, he doesn’t even listen to that stuff. He’s like the complete opposite of his dad. His dad will say something. Bronny does not care.”

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