NFL legend’s inappropriate gesture to Molly Qerim goes viral on social media

NFL legend’s inappropriate gesture to Molly Qerim goes viral on social media

A recent video featuring Molly Qerim in an uncomfortable situation with an NFL legend has garnered significant attention online. The esteemed host of ESPN’s ‘First Take’ alongside Stephen A. Smith is celebrated for her professionalism and charisma and while Smith is often seen as the show’s leading personality, she is widely recognized as its driving force.

Qerim has amassed a large fan base and in recent weeks she has trended for various reasons, including wearing a see-through dress that sparked discussions, being criticized for a supposedly inappropriate outfit.

Stephen A. Smith under fire for food shaming Molly Qerim on live TV

This week, a resurfaced video clip from her time at the NFL Network went viral. The footage shows NFL legend Terrell Davis making an inappropriate attempt to bend her over during a segment.

“Hella inappropriate,” a user wrote on X.

Another noted: “S**t aint even funny. Id be uncomfortable af.”

The toe-sniffing incident

Despite such incidents, Qerim has consistently maintained her composure and professionalism. Even an incident where former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky tried to sniff her feet while at ESPN didn’t shake her on-air demeanor.

“Are you really sniffing the shoe?” Qerim asked Orlovsky. “I just got the shoe and I have tights on. Don’t be weird.”

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