Olivia Culpo gets fed up with explaining her Christian McCaffrey’s wedding decisions and explodes on social media

Olivia Culpo gets fed up with explaining her Christian McCaffrey’s wedding decisions and explodes on social media

Olivia Culpo recently faced criticism once again for her wedding decisions, this time for her makeup choices and her wedding dress. Social media influencer Jessica Weslie Arena accused Culpo of giving off “pick-me vibes” after reading an interview with Vogue where Culpo discussed her makeup for the big day.

Culpo revealed that she opted for a natural look, skipping mascara, lip liner, and eyebrow makeup to achieve a simple and harmonious appearance under her veil. Weslie Arena expressed her discomfort with Culpo’s choices, suggesting that Vogue should have pointed out the “weird” vibes she got from what Culpo wasn’t wearing.

Olivia Culpo wore three dresses at her wedding with Christian McCaffrey, the last one turned heads

In response to the criticism, Culpo defended herself in the comments section: “It was an interview… they asked me what my makeup was………”

This isn’t the first time Culpo has faced backlash for her wedding decisions. Even her husband, San Francisco 49ers star running back Christian McCaffrey, came to her defense. Additionally, a fashion influencer criticized Culpo’s wedding dress, describing her Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved ballgown as “modest.” The influencer, who has been a bridal creator for four years, expressed her disapproval of Culpo’s choice of attire.

McCaffrey supports wife amid wedding dress criticism

McCaffrey responded to fashion influencer Kennedy Bingham‘s commentary by slamming her for sharing an “evil” post. “What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does,” he said on the Instagram reel.

The scrutiny surrounding Culpo‘s wedding choices highlights the intense pressure public figures face when it comes to their personal lives. The constant judgment and critique from social media influencers and the public can be overwhelming. Despite the negativity, Culpo has remained steadfast in her decisions and has not shied away from defending herself.

It’s important to recognize that everyone has their own preferences and styles when it comes to their wedding day. Whether it’s the makeup they choose to wear or the dress they decide to walk down the aisle in, these decisions are deeply personal and should be respected. Culpo’s commitment to staying true to herself and her vision for her wedding day is admirable.

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