Olivia Culpo’s adorable reaction to Christian McCaffrey’s Madden NFL 25 cover

Olivia Culpo’s adorable reaction to Christian McCaffrey’s Madden NFL 25 cover

Olivia Culpo had the sweetest reaction to her fianc, Christian McCaffrey, being named the cover star for Madden NFL 25. In an Instagram post, she simply wrote, “So cool,” alongside a photo of the Madden cover featuring McCaffrey. The model and actress couldn’t contain her excitement for her soon-to-be husband’s achievement, and her genuine support for McCaffrey was evident in her brief but heartfelt response.

McCaffrey himself expressed his disbelief and gratitude at the opportunity to grace the cover of the iconic video game. He described it as a dream come true, admitting that he never expected to achieve such a milestone in his career.

“It’s something that I never even envisioned myself doing or accomplishing. So, when I got the call, I felt unbelievably grateful. I was genuinely shocked, but happy and excited and all of the emotions,” McCaffrey shared.

The 49ers running back also reminisced about his childhood memories of playing Madden with his brothers. “I have three brothers and there were four controllers, so it was perfect. We’d do two on two and we’d play with the Broncos, when you had my dad and Rod Smith and Terrell Davis and all those guys. So it was just a lot of fun,” McCaffrey revealed, highlighting the special bond he shares with his siblings through their love for the game.

From childhood games to Madden cover

Despite his humility, McCaffrey acknowledged that being chosen as the Madden cover star was a significant achievement in his career. He admitted: “The core part of me doesn’t like it. But if you’re shooting for the cover of Madden, you better learn to deal with it.” His down-to-earth nature and modesty shone through as he candidly expressed his mixed feelings about the recognition.

The couple’s genuine reactions to McCaffrey’s Madden cover reveal the strong bond and support they have for each other. Culpo’s simple yet enthusiastic response and McCaffrey’s humble gratitude reflect their authentic excitement and appreciation for this milestone in his career. It’s clear that Culpo and McCaffrey share a deep connection and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, celebrating each other’s successes with pure joy and pride.

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