Patrick Mahomes silence on Father’s Day speaks volumes: What is his relationship with dad Pat Mahomes Sr?

Patrick Mahomes silence on Father’s Day speaks volumes: What is his relationship with dad Pat Mahomes Sr?

Patrick Mahomes may have been hailed as an ‘MVP Dad’ by his beloved wife Brittany, but it seems the Kansas City Chiefs star was in no mood to celebrate his own dad on Father’s Day.

On Sunday, June 16, millions of families around the world celebrated their dad’s influence in their lives, but Mahomes chose to stay silent on social media and didn’t post about his own dad.

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The 28-year-old, currently spending time with his family during the offseason, was given a glowing tribute by his young family as Brittany, also 28, posted on a heartwarming tribute on Instagram.

Brittany‘s post, which featured several family moments of their adorable family together, was a direct contrast to the 28-year-old’s own account as he did not upload a post about his father, Pat Sr.

It isn’t the first time Mahomes has decided to stay quiet on his father, having refused to answer questions when he was arrested for a DWI last year.

Instead, he simply said: “It’s a family matter. I’ll just keep it to the family.”

Pat Mahomes Sr’s trouble with the law

Mahomes Sr has a long rap sheet with law enforcement, with court records highlighting how he has been arrested on multiple occasions for DWI offences, he even spent time behind bars, which shows perhaps why his NFL star son has been reluctant to post anything celebrating him on Father’s Day.

But the three-time Super Bowl winner has proved to be nothing like his estranged parent, remaining an importance and active presence in the lives of his two children, Sterling Skye, 3, and Patrick ‘Bronze’ Mahomes Jr, 1.

His dad was present in Las Vegas when Mahomes led the Chiefs to a second consecutive Super Bowl triumph after their overtime victory against the San Francisco 49ers, with Mahomes Sr excitedly claiming: “I ain’t never seen nothing like you. You different!” after the game, as he hugged his son proudly.

But it seems the topic is somewhat more difficult to breach on Father’s Day, explaining why Mahomes chose not to post anything and let his own success as a father speak for itself.

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