Ripple (XRP) Introduces ‘Try It’ Feature for API Documentation

Ripple (XRP) Introduces ‘Try It’ Feature for API Documentation

Ripple (XRP) Introduces 'Try It' Feature for API Documentation

Ripple (XRP) has unveiled a new feature in its API documentation that allows developers to interact with the Ripple Payments API in real-time. The ‘Try It’ feature lets users send simulated API requests and receive responses from a mock server without needing to log in or provide authorization tokens, according to

Enhanced Developer Experience

The new ‘Try It’ feature is available across several API reference documentation pages, including the Ripple Payments API, Smart Liquidation Service API, and Report Service API. With this interactive tool, developers can now evaluate Ripple’s technology solutions more efficiently. By sending API requests to a mock server, they receive realistic responses without requiring API credentials or signing in.

Streamlined Testing Process

Previously, developers had to wait for the contracting process to be completed to obtain API credentials for testing. The introduction of the ‘Try It’ feature eliminates this barrier, offering a lightweight testing tool accessible at any time. This helps accelerate the integration process and allows for independent testing before going live.

Using the ‘Try It’ Feature

To use the ‘Try It’ feature, developers can follow these steps for the ‘GET /fees’ operation of the Ripple Payments API:

  1. Go to the API reference page for the GET /fees operation.
  2. Click the ‘Try It’ button on the right panel.
  3. Enter any string in the Authorization text field under the Security tab.
  4. Edit query parameters under the Parameters tab.
  5. Click Send to view the response from the endpoint.

The response panel will automatically update to display the success response from the endpoint, providing developers with a comprehensive understanding of how Ripple APIs structure responses, manage pagination, and handle request parameters.

Future Developments

The ‘Try It’ feature is currently live and available for testing in the Ripple Payments API, Smart Liquidation Service API, and Report Service API reference documentation pages. Ripple’s product documentation team is also working to enable this feature for the Ripple Payments Direct API reference pages soon.

For more information, developers can visit the Ripple documentation hub at and explore the new ‘Try It’ feature.

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