Shedeur Sanders ranked higher as a prospect than Deion Sanders as a Big 12 coach

Shedeur Sanders ranked higher as a prospect than Deion Sanders as a Big 12 coach

Coach Deion Sanders has an extensive family and two of his sons are currently part of his Colorado Buffaloes team. But quarterback Shedeur Sanders is the one who sems with the highest chances of soon becoming an NFL star. In fact, there were some polls conducted by NBC Sports staff recently that gave us a better grasp of how popular Shedeur has become in recent months. After this poll, it has been projected that Shedeur Sanders would be chosen as the No.2 pick by the Las Vegas Raiders during a mock NFL Draft. The 247Sports staff conducted the same poll and came up with similar results. The issue presented itself when they conducted a poll of the best Big 12 NCAA coaches.

Deion Sanders is excited for next season

Dion Sanders nearly rock bottom amongst the Big 12

A poll of which coaches are better ranked from the NCAA’s Big 12 was also conducted by the same staffers. In total, 16 coaches were ranked and Deion Sanders was not even inside the Top 10. Actually, the Colorado Buffaloes coach was ranked 15 out of 16 coaches. Granted, the last was his first season at the Buffaloes and he still has everything to prove. During the start of his debut, his team started off on the right foot but thngs started getting twisted as soon as the away games arrived. Any of the best ranked team from the Big 12 absolutely obliterated the Bufaloes. Proving that Coach Prime still has a long road ahead with very littel resources.

The massive elephant in the room here is that Deion Sanders is no longer the person from his family who is getting the attention. Although his coaching performances are the ones who will speak for him, it is necessary to remember that Shedeur Sanders is considered one of the most telanted prospects who could someday become NFL stars. Sanders’ story as an NCAA coach is only getting started. He is still very unexperienced and he is daring to take the job at a program that is very limited but still gives him the tools to put together an interesting team. The question is how well can he perform next season?

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