Sonya Curry’s reaction to seeing photo of son Stephen with LeBron on Team USA drives fans crazy

Sonya Curry’s reaction to seeing photo of son Stephen with LeBron on Team USA drives fans crazy

Stephen Curry and LeBron James, two of the NBA‘s most celebrated athletes, are set to play side-by-side on Team USA at the upcoming Olympics.

Both players are visibly excited about this collaboration, as evidenced by their enthusiastic participation in Team USA’s initial training sessions.

LeBron James proudly watches son Bronny’s first points in the NBA

The Golden State Warriors recently shared photos from the first day of practice on Instagram, capturing the camaraderie and excitement of the team.

The initial photo featured Curry and James together, with Curry sporting a broad smile even in the middle of a drill, while James appeared more focused.

This glimpse into their dynamic sparked joy among fans and family alike, including Steph’s mother, Sonya Curry.

Sonya Curry couldn’t help but share her excitement about the post. She revealed an adorable similarity between Curry and James that most fans might not know: both NBA stars have daughters who love to play volleyball.

Riley Curry, 11, and Zhuri James, 9, are both showing a serious interest in the sport and are developing their skills with each passing day.

Sonya Curry‘s simple yet revealing comment highlighted this shared passion, reminding fans of the personal lives behind the professional athletes.

It’s a touching connection that adds another layer to the already strong bond between Curry and James. The thought of Riley and Zhuri possibly teaming up in volleyball in the future is an exciting prospect for both families.

The Excitement of Team USA

As Team USA‘s practices kick off, the joy and energy within the team are palpable. The anticipation surrounding Curry and James playing together in the Olympics is immense.

Fans are eager to see these two basketball legends combine their talents to compete on the world stage.

For now, Riley and Zhuri will have to watch their fathers take center stage, showcasing their basketball prowess and aiming to dominate the Olympic Basketball Tournament.

The presence of their supportive families, including Sonya Curry‘s heartfelt engagement, underscores the unity and spirit of Team USA as they prepare for the games ahead.

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