Spider Tanks Highlights Maul in Latest Showcase

Spider Tanks Highlights Maul in Latest Showcase

Spider Tanks Highlights Maul in Latest Showcase

In the latest edition of the Spider Tanks Showcase, Gala Games has turned the spotlight on ‘Maul,’ one of the more substantial tanks in the arena. This feature dives into the unique capabilities and strategies associated with Maul, contrasting it with previous spotlights like Crossbow and Titan.

The Warrior

Maul, known for its robust body, offers a balanced combination of durability and energy without compromising on mobility. One of the standout builds for Maul is ‘The Warrior,’ originally paired with the Bouncer. This classic combination capitalizes on Maul’s ability to absorb hits while lining up shots that ricochet for increasing damage. The bulkiness of Maul allows pilots to focus on optimizing their shots, making it a formidable presence in the arena.

The Sentinel

Another strategic build for Maul is ‘The Sentinel,’ which uses a Sniper Rifle to exploit its toughness. The Sniper Rifle, effective from long distances, allows Maul to control key points on the map. By occupying strategic choke points, Maul can enable teammates to maneuver more freely, turning the battle in their favor. The long-range capability ensures that Maul can maintain pressure on enemies while holding its ground.

The Berserker

For those seeking a more aggressive playstyle, ‘The Berserker’ build combines Maul with the Carver. This setup leverages Maul’s high energy and resilience, allowing pilots to absorb initial hits before closing in with a powerful melee attack. The build encourages a bold approach, with an emphasis on patience and timing to exploit enemy weaknesses. Despite the risk of frequent destruction, mastering this build can lead to devastating results on the battlefield.

The Spider Tanks Showcase continues to provide in-depth looks at various tank builds, offering players insights into optimizing their gameplay. The Maul feature is the 25th edition of this series, reflecting the ongoing commitment of Gala Games to engage and inform its community.

Next week’s showcase will shift focus from tank builds to stealth abilities, inviting players to share their best clips of sneaky maneuvers for a chance to be featured. For more details, visit the official Gala Games news page.

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