Steph Curry gets nervous with a reporter during a photo session with the USA basketball team in Paris 2024

Steph Curry gets nervous with a reporter during a photo session with the USA basketball team in Paris 2024

There’s no doubt that Team USA is the powerhouse in basketball heading into the Paris 2024 Olympics. However, Stephen Curry showed that even the best in the world have their limits.

During a photo session with the U.S. basketball team, Curry’s nerves got the best of him when faced with a very straight-forward question. Unable to answer because the truth was just too embarrassing, he lost control of the ball in the most adorable way, his hands betraying his nerves as the ball slipped away in front of the camera.

We often think that being the best in the world means a simple trick is a piece of cake for a basketball player. However, for Steph Curry, spinning a basketball on his finger proves to be nearly impossible.

This incident sparked a debate on social media, as it’s baffling how one of the best in the world struggles to balance the ball on a single finger. Some argue there are much harder things to do and he does them truly effortlessly.

Steph Curry got too nervous

Curry probably thought it was easy too, especially when all of his teammates could do it in a rather subtle manner. But when he tried and failed, his nerves took over completely. His hands stopped cooperating, and he lost control of the ball, making it bounce away uncontrollably.

Acting like a shy child, Curry admitted that the reporter’s question actually made him nervous, especially when he tried to prove he could do it.

Leaving the nerves of the moment aside, Steph Curry is set to be one of the standout stars at the Paris basketball tournament. Not only is he a key player for Team USA, the top contender for gold, but he’s also an NBA icon of the last two decades. With a massive global fanbase, Curry’s presence in Paris is sure to electrify the tournament and draw fans from all over the world. Surely, this humbling and embarrassing moment will be forgotten sooner rather than later.

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