The incredible offer to LeBron James that is not from an NBA team: The NFL wants him!

The incredible offer to LeBron James that is not from an NBA team: The NFL wants him!

The future of LeBron James is a hot topic in the NBA right now as there is a good chance that he moves on from the Los Angeles Lakers after a frustrating couple of seasons.

Rumors have been swirling about which NBA team he could end up joining as he would be a huge marketing pull for anyone, let alone what he can do on the court.

LeBron James surprises with off-season training regimen

As it turns out, the Cleveland Browns are plotting a slightly tongue-in-cheek way of getting LeBron to drop basketball altogether and embrace his old interest in American football.

McLeod makes his pitch

Rodney McLeod Jr. has made a pitch to LeBron urging him to come back to his hometown and back to where it all started, as he played football when he was a youngster but opted to pursue basketball instead.

“We could use somebody to complement [David] Njoku over there,” he said.

“The only problem is, I’m not sure if LeBron is actually ready to take on a guy like a Myles Garrett just yet, put his hand in the dirt. So, we’re going to have to save LeBron for third downs, red zone, passing situations. So, there might be some tells on offense, but it’ll be worth it.”

The assumption is that the Browns do not actually think they can get LeBron to change sport, and given he is now 40 years old, the physicality of American football may not be the right thing.

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