Travis Kelce feels Brittany Mahomes’ support during difficult moments during Taylor Swift’s concert

Travis Kelce feels Brittany Mahomes’ support during difficult moments during Taylor Swift’s concert

Good friends are always with you in difficult times. As NFL star Travis Kelce could see this days when he felt the support of Brittany Mahomes in a particularly emotional moment during one of Taylor Swift’s concerts.

The Kansas City Chiefs star tight end has followed her girlfriend around the world, supporting her at several concerts on her Eras Tour. On one of the most recent dates, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kelce was accompanied by his teammate, Patrick Mahomes, and his wife, Brittany.

Mahomes and Kelce have shown that their relationship goes beyond the gridiron, and they often share celebrations, trips, and even a few rounds of golf, a sport of which they are both fans.

However, this time, it was Britanny’s turn to show that she is also a great friend to Kelce by providing much-needed emotional support during the concert in Amsterdam.

Kelce’s tears

The moment, which has gone viral, occurred during a mash-up of three of Swift’s most emotional songs, “Mary’s Song,” “So High School,” and “Everything Has Changed.” The medley is especially dedicated to Kelce, according to Swifties’ speculation.

The theory is probably correct since a video circulating on social media shows Kelce putting a hand to his face during the performance, apparently wiping away a couple of tears.

The speculations of the singer’s fans gain strength when Brittany is seen approaching Kelce, and he just nods at her. It is not known what they said to each other, but the timing of the interaction is quite eloquent.

Kelce and Swift’s relationship

At the end of the concert, the tight end was already waiting for the singer at the foot of the stage, and as she headed backstage, Kelce kept encouraging the crowd, asking for applause for Swift.

Travis and Taylor are approaching the first anniversary of their relationship. Although they made it official in September and shortly after she began attending Chiefs games, both have confirmed that they started dating several weeks before.

Swift’s Eras Tour will conclude its European leg at the end of August with four concerts in London. She will restart in mid-October in Miami, Florida, before closing in early December in Vancouver, Canada. This gives her plenty of opportunities to attend Kelce’s games again. It just remains to be seen if she actually will.

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