Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend is getting married to a fellow NFL colleague

Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend is getting married to a fellow NFL colleague

While many started to talk about Zach Wilson getting married to his girlfriend after an engagement was in store in Europe, now the attention once again turns to his ex-girlfriend who is now engaged as well.

Abbey Gile, that girl that exposed the now Denver Broncos quarterback, just said yes to a familiar face in the NFL and for Zach Wilson, as his former college roommate, Dax Milne has proposed to her, and she said yes.

Gile dated Wilson from high school until 2022 and now she has been seen with a massive diamond ring on her finger, after a proposal on the beach. Milne and Wilson were college roommates at BYU and also childhood friends, now they are very distant apart, especially with Wilson being engaged to Nicolette Dellanno a few days ago.

How it all started in this feud

Early 2022, then New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson removed his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, from his Instagram account after ending their relationship.

Gile started to date Wilson’s former best friend, wide receiver Dax Milne, for which she came under fire after sharing a photo with him. However, he defended himself and exposed the Jets quarterback by claiming that he slept with his mother’s best friend.

On Gile’s Instagram account, one person called her a “homie hopper,” so she responded with a “he was sleeping with his mom’s best friend.”

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