Aquarium Solves Mystery Of Lone Stingray “Pregnancy”, Snake Engraving Is Among The World’s Largest Rock Art, And Much More This Week

Aquarium Solves Mystery Of Lone Stingray “Pregnancy”, Snake Engraving Is Among The World’s Largest Rock Art, And Much More This Week

This week, Malaysian officials have announced a plan to gift orangutans to palm oil partners in an effort to establish orangutan diplomacy, an aurora-like phenomenon called STEVE appears to have a twin, and we ask why the 4,000-year-old “Seahenge” was built. Finally, we explore the history behind the famous “March of Progress” evolution illustration, and why it’s wildly inaccurate.

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Aquarium Solves Mystery After Stingray Alone In Tank Of Sharks Appeared Pregnant

Earlier this year, there was a bit of a mystery after an aquarium stingray appeared to become pregnant despite no male stingrays being present. The case drew extra attention after suggestions by the head of the aquarium that the stingray could have been impregnated by a shark. After a series of tests, however, the team has found “truly a sad and unexpected medical development.” Read the full story here

2,000-Year-Old Snake Engraving Is Among The World’s Largest Rock Art

Some of the largest and most enigmatic rock art in the world can be found along South America’s Orinoco River, featuring a zig-zagging snake that stretches for more than 40 meters (131 feet) along with human figures and giant Amazonian centipedes. Read the full story here

Orangutan Diplomacy: Malaysia’s New Plan To Give Endangered Primates To Palm Oil Partners

Malaysia has announced a plan to send orangutans to its major palm oil trading partners, in an effort to demonstrate its dedication to conserving the endangered species – but the strategy is being called out by conservationists before it’s even begun. Read the full story here

STEVE, The Purple Aurora-Like Phenomenon, Has A Mysterious Morning Twin

In recent years skywatchers have been increasingly fascinated by the phenomenon known as STEVE, initially thought to be a type of aurora, but now recognized as being a sort of cousin. However, all STEVEs have been spotted before midnight, until now. Read the full story here

Forget Stonehenge, Why Was “Seahenge” Built Over 4,000 Years Ago?

Everyone knows about the stacked rocks of Stonehenge in South West England, but on the country’s east coast, there’s another prehistoric monument that’s no less fascinating. Known as Seahenge, a researcher has re-investigated why the mysterious structure was built over 4,000 years ago. Read the full story here

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The Famous “March Of Progress” Image Is Wildly Wrong

One of the most iconic illustrations of modern science shows a series of primates going from left to right, starting with hunched ape-like creatures becoming progressively taller and more erect before finally reaching Homo sapiens, standing upright and proud. Creationists hate it, scientists loathe it even more, yet the “March of Progress” continues to be the defining image of human evolution. Read the full story here 

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