Astar Network Completes 350 Million ASTR Token Burn

Astar Network Completes 350 Million ASTR Token Burn

Astar Network Completes 350 Million ASTR Token Burn

Reducing Initial Supply by 5% to Enhance Network Sustainability

In a significant move to optimize its tokenomics, Astar Network has completed the burning of 350 million ASTR tokens, which represents 5% of its genesis allocation, according to This strategic action, executed by the Astar Foundation, aims to enhance the network’s sustainability by reducing the total token supply.

In addition to the token burn, approximately 70 million ASTR accumulated as rewards will be staked on the Community Treasury. This initiative supports the Unstoppable Community Grants program, furthering the network’s development and community engagement.

Community Deliberation and Decision

Over a two-week period, the Astar community engaged in open discussions regarding the token burn proposal presented by the Astar Foundation. The forum witnessed a diverse range of opinions, from outright support to suggestions for alternative uses of the tokens, such as funding grants or other strategic investments.

Key discussion points included:

  • Tokenomics: Reducing the total token supply to increase scarcity.
  • Staker Rewards: Enhancing rewards for stakers, making the network more attractive to investors and the community.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: Moving towards a more sustainable economic model to ensure the longevity and health of the Astar ecosystem.
  • Wallet Reward Allocation: Suggestions to stake the accumulated 70 million ASTR on the Astar Contributors dApp or Community Treasury dApp.

Community-Driven Governance

After thorough deliberation, the proposal was put to a vote, reflecting strong community participation and interest in the network’s future. The voting process lasted one week, culminating in a decisive victory for the burn proposal, with over 66 million ASTR used in the vote.

The successful completion of the token burn is a testament to the power of community-driven governance, showcasing how decentralized networks can effectively manage and enhance their economic models through collective decision-making. This strategic move sets a strong precedent for future initiatives and reinforces the importance of community involvement in shaping the network’s trajectory.

Innovative Staking Mechanisms

Astar Network’s unique dApp staking mechanism supports decentralized applications by distributing staking rewards directly to dApp developers and stakers. By leveraging innovative staking models and tier systems, Astar ensures fair and substantial rewards, driving continuous growth and engagement within the network.

For more detailed discussions and insights, visit the Astar Network Forum.

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