Christina Aguilera Is Launching a Recent Lubricant and a Sex Tip Hotline – Beautifaire

Christina Aguilera Is Launching a Recent Lubricant and a Sex Tip Hotline – Beautifaire

Christina Aguilera is prepared for some pillow talk.

Tuesday, Playground, cofounded by Aguilera, is launching Pillow Talk, $20, the newest iteration of its libido-enhancing, water-based personal lubricant. To rejoice, the brand can also be rolling out a latest campaign centered around a sexual wellness tip hotline 1-888-PLY-GRND hosted by Aguilera to destigmatize conversations around sex.

“People really are uncomfortable talking about all things sexual wellness,” said Playground cofounder and chief executive officer Catherine Magee, adding that she had personally been shamed throughout the brand’s fundraise process last yr. “We’re mission driven and a few cause, a message and a purpose as much a few product.”

While the brand has just a few iterations of its water-based lubricant available on the market now, Pillow Talk was Aguilera’s brainchild.

“Christina loves essences. In actual fact, smells are a part of her creative process. When she’s within the studio, she has her favorite candles,” Magee said. “After we began the strategy of this, determining the essence, she brought in her favorite songs. She bought in her favorite candles. She brought in her favorite products that helped elicit a mood within the bedroom. Then we used that to give you this essence.”

Pillow Talk, which incorporates the brand’s libido-enhancing adaptogen formula, features notes of rose, heliotrope flower, peony and tonka bean. In response to Magee, the complex essence could be described as “wild rose and cream” and evokes words like “warmth, feminine, sexy, sensual, romantic, dreamy, subtle, creamy, alluring [and] inviting.” With its mission on the forefront, Playground will donate 1 percent of Pillow Talk’s net revenue to the Center for Intimacy Justice.

Concurrently, the brand can also be launching its 1-888-PLY-GRND hotline.

“This hotline might be a possibility for people to enter and win an actual pillow talk with Christina, and it’s also going to discuss Playground’s social cause and mission,” said Magee.

On the hotline, callers can hearken to intimacy suggestions from Aguilera, find out about Pillow Talk, receive a reduction code and share their very own suggestions. Callers may also leave a voicemail with their phone number for the possibility to receive a one-on-one call from Aguilera.

“This campaign speaks on to women, encouraging higher conversations and difficult the culture of shame surrounding women’s sexual health and pleasure, all while contributing to an impactful cause,” said Aguilera in a press release.

While the brand declined to share sales figures across the launch, WWD previously reported that the brand was expected to succeed in $5 million in sales in 2023. Magee noted that Playground, which recently launched at Goal, grew 700 percent between 2023 and 2024 and is predicted to succeed in between 2x and 3x growth this yr. Going forward, the brand will proceed to concentrate on health-enhancing sexual wellness products — consider its libido-enhancing formula or its clean ingredient label.

“I like the redefinition of sexual wellness here,” Magee said. “It’s not nearly sex, and it’s not nearly health. Those things should be checked out together.”

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