Draymond Green gets incredibly disrespectful against sports anchor Skip Bayless

Draymond Green gets incredibly disrespectful against sports anchor Skip Bayless

It’s still hard to tell which of the famous sports anchors is more hated on by professional athletes, we could easily see how folks like Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless would be on anybody’s list. But Skip is the ones that gets the most dunked on in public. Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is one of those people who wanted to embarrass Skip Bayless on his podcast. And Dray got extremely personal against Skip while he also told him he would never be on his show. Harsh words for one of the most veteran sports broadcasters in history. But then again, raymond Green is one of LeBron James‘ best friends and we know how muh Skip dislikes the Lakers star.

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Draymond Green’s attack against Skip Bayless

Before ending his most recent ‘The Draymond Green Show‘, the Golden State player wanted to send Skip Bayless a message that must’ve hurt his ego deeply. Green used rhymes and witty remarks to insult Skip Bayless, who is widely regarded as a polarizing figure in sports broadcasting. This is what Draymond said: “I am not coming on your show Skip. I’m gonna keep skipping past you just like everyone else skipped on you. Because that show is dead. No one wants to hear you talk anymore. In the words of Richard Sherman, I am better than you. I’m better than you at life. Skippin Skip. That’s a wrap.”

The reason Draymond Green was this harsh against Skip Bayless is simple, he bragged about potentially having Green as a guest on his show and ‘making him eat off the palm of his hand’. It’s pretty obvious that this condescending attitude is what made Green react the way he did. Now we know that Green will never attend Skip Bayless’ show but more importantly, there seems to be a division against him after Shannon Sharpe left the same show. Did something happen between them behind the scenes that made pro athletes take Sharpe’s side? Maybe we will never know.

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