Draymond Green opens up on infamous Steve Kerr spat: He realized I wanted to kill him

Draymond Green opens up on infamous Steve Kerr spat: He realized I wanted to kill him

Draymond Green has revealed that he and his former coach Steve Kerr both wanted to “kill” each other after their infamous spat while playing for the Golden State Warriors.

Back in 2016, during his fourth year in the NBA, Green made headlines after he got into an altercation with head coach Kerr during halftime of the 2016 Western Conference Finals game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Shaquille O’Neal and Draymond Green disscuss whose team would win

Green had reportedly shouted at Kerr after being criticized about his shot selection, things spiralled out of control after he said: “Motherf***er, come sit me down!”.

The argument continued behind closed doors into the locker room, and now Green has given his account of what happened during the tense incident.

The Warriors star released another episode of his self-titled show on YouTube, with his team-mate and center Kevon Looney joining him. During the discussion, Green revealed how Looney, who was drafted in 2015 and “hadn’t said a word all year”, was uncontrollably laughing while he and Kerr were at each other’s throats.

“Obviously, none of you were there for that moment, but in this moment, Steve wanted to kill me, and then he realized I wanted to kill him,” Green said during the discussion.

Despite the seriousness of the fight, which saw Oklahoma Police get involved, they were able to reflect with humor on the incident. In one passage, they recalled how shooting guard Klay Thompson attempted to break the fight apart by yelling: “We’re a team, you guys” and “DRAY! Shut up, man! He’s the coach, man!”

Draymond Green thought his Warriors career was over

While Green would go on to apologize for his part in what happened, he admitted that he thought he would be traded by Kerr after their fallout.

According to Bleacher Report journalist Howard Beck, Green exited the arena after the matchup believing that the Warriors management would have to choose between them.

And despite serving for a longer period than Kerr, Green felt the coach would be regarded as more essential after guiding them to their first NBA title since 1975.

When asked if he thought he would be traded, Green replied: “One hundred percent. Especially with the success that he was having as a coach. Like, you just don’t get rid of that.”

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