Fireblocks Integrates Coinbase International Exchange for Enhanced Trading

Fireblocks Integrates Coinbase International Exchange for Enhanced Trading

Fireblocks Integrates Coinbase International Exchange for Enhanced Trading

Fireblocks has announced a significant expansion of its exchange connectivity by integrating with Coinbase International Exchange. This development is set to provide both institutional and retail clients with access to perpetual futures and spot trading features in eligible jurisdictions, according to Fireblocks.

About Coinbase International Exchange

Coinbase International Exchange, a regulated entity, aims to broaden the availability of crypto derivatives to institutions and professional traders outside the United States. This includes hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and family offices, offering them deep liquidity and a robust trading infrastructure. The exchange operates under stringent regulatory frameworks and complies with local regulations where applicable.

With advanced APIs, liquidity incentives for high-volume users, and a growing list of tradable assets, Coinbase International Exchange seeks to enhance trust and security in global crypto markets. Usman Naeem, CEO of Coinbase International Exchange, stated, “As we continue to expand our offerings for institutional and retail clients, this collaboration underscores our commitment to providing a robust and reliable trading infrastructure for our global clientele.”

Benefits of the Coinbase International Exchange Integration

The integration with Coinbase International Exchange on the Fireblocks Network brings several advantages, including improved management and security of exchange operations.

Governance Controls for Exchange Operations

The Fireblocks Policy Engine allows customers to set user roles, governance policies, and approval workflows for deposit and withdrawal operations. This feature is designed to protect against unauthorized fund movements from an exchange account.

Secure Funding, Rebalancing, and Transfers

Customers can effortlessly deposit, withdraw, and rebalance across connected exchanges, Fireblocks wallets, Network counterparties, and whitelisted addresses using the Fireblocks Console or API. This functionality helps mitigate risks associated with whitelisting exchange deposit addresses.

Monitor Account Balances

The Fireblocks Console offers a unified view of all connected accounts, enabling customers to easily monitor assets, balances, and transactions. Additionally, Fireblocks employs Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to eliminate single points of compromise from API credentials and secure hardware enclaves, ensuring the safety of exchange credentials during storage.

Furthermore, exchanges can benefit from Network Link, a tool designed to accelerate the number of supported exchanges and trading venues on the Fireblocks Network. This tool facilitates faster and easier integration for third-party providers, allowing participants to discover, connect, and securely transact with their solutions.

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