Hockey fan who flashed boobs makes major move amid newfound fame

Hockey fan who flashed boobs makes major move amid newfound fame

The Edmonton Oilers fan who caused a sensation by flashing the crowd inside Rogers Place during a playoff game has seemingly had second thoughts. Now, she’s taking serious measures to keep her identity hidden.

As thevideo of her lifting her jersey went viral, the woman, who initially sought attention, is now doing everything to protect herself.

Hockey fans, both new and seasoned, are curious about the identity of the woman who went viral for her bold move during the playoff game. Despite the clamoring from fans who want to know more about her, she remains in the shadows, perhaps regretting her moment of fame.

Edmonton Oilers fan disappearing act

Following the viral incident, the Edmonton Oilers fan has adopted a more reserved approach. With millions having seen the footage within the country and likely many more worldwide, she has chosen to disappear from public view. Now that the Oilers are headed to the Stanley Cup final, she is unlikely to be spotted at any of the games, as she is currently in hiding.

According to TMZ, the woman has deleted all her social media accounts. Initially, she maintained an online presence, but as her notoriety grew, she opted to erase her digital footprint. “The woman who became an internet sensation for exposing her [expletive] in support of the Edmonton Oilers has disappeared from the internet … with the flash-happy fan removing her accounts from all social media platforms amid her newfound fame,” reports TMZ Sports.

It appears that the spotlight was too intense, prompting her to take drastic steps to ensure her privacy. Despite her efforts to hide, the unnamed Oilers fan has not gone unnoticed by everyone. The viral nature of the video has led to unexpected business opportunities. An adult website, The Porn Dude, which boasts over 61 million monthly visits, has expressed interest in featuring her.

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