Is LeBron James’ son dating P Diddy’s daughter? Here are the facts

Is LeBron James’ son dating P Diddy’s daughter? Here are the facts

LeBron James and Sean “P Diddy” Combs is perhaps a family-union you didn’t expect but it’s on the cards as reports claim the Los Angeles Lakers‘ son is dating one of the rapper’s daughters so what do we know so far?

Combs, who is highly controversial due to the claims against him by his ex-partner alleging him of sexual and physical violence, has two daughters that Bryce James has been hanging around with recently.

Bryce James’ physical change imposes in a video of him playing with his brother Bronny

D’Lila Star and Jessie James Combs were both born in 2006 and were recently spotted with the 16-year-old son of the four-time NBA champion which captured the interest of fans and media alike.

But so far, there is nothing that actually specifies if they are in a relationship together or if they are even dating but that won’t stop any discussions as people are keen to know what the next chapter of the James‘ family’s story is when their patriarch eventually retires from his professional basketball career.

Bryce James was spotted at a dance looking smart in a tuxedo as he and his friend took one of the daughters out each, but this isn’t anything concrete other than they’ve met, hung out and seem to be friends with each other and his mother insisted he isn’t the type to rush in blind.

“I see what?,” Savannah James told Everybody’s Crazy on the rumors of her son’s romance. “Bryce, he takes time going on little dates.”

That’s perhaps a value instilled by his parents who have been high school sweethearts and made their relationship work throughout James‘ NBA career, which included moving from their native Ohio, to Florida, back to Ohio and then across the nation to California within a decade.

Feds continue to investigate Combs

Combs, who had two mansions raided this year by the Department of Homeland Security on human trafficking allegations, continues to be investigated by federal agencies in connection with claims made against him, most notably be his ex-partner, Cassanda Ventura.

And recent surveillance footage from inside his mansion, according to CNN, means the investigators contacting people discovered on the recording tapes as the scandal continues to rage on in the public eye.

Combs‘ lawyer claims excessive force was used by the officers investigating and executing the raids, whilst it was also claimed that it was little more than a witch hunt based on Ventura‘s claims until videos emerged of him attacking her.

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