Is LeBron James thinking about signing with the Philadelphia 76ers? Here’s what we know

Is LeBron James thinking about signing with the Philadelphia 76ers? Here’s what we know

The future of LeBron James remains uncertain, at least for the rest of the world, for him it might be clearer. While everybody is still speculating on where he can end up if he does decide to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers, the options for him to go are very open.

One factor to maintain is where his son Bronny could end up once draft day arrives, and while he has maintained his college eligibility just in case he is picked by a team where the attraction and instant chemistry is not there, and he decides to stay in college.

While that las part unfolds, LeBron James is still thinking about where he should go, because there is no indication that retirement is in his itinerary any time soon. However, there is one place where he might be happy with if he does in fact decides to leave Los Angeles.

Philadelphia an option for LeBron James

A picture that has gone viral on social media has many Lakers fans analyzing what could happen if in fact the rumors are true. The photo everybody’s talking about shows four people having lunch at Sky High in Philadelphia and many claim that it was LeBron James, Nick Nurse and Daryl Morey.

Since the picture was taken from a distance, the faces weren’t clear enough to figure out if the claim was true, but it did leave everyone concerned about LeBron potentially considering the 76ers as a new landing spot.

But Savannah James’ Instagram activity almost certainly proves that the LeBron James-like person in the picture was not him, but what if there is a connection that might indicate James is considering leaving LA for Philly? That is yet to be seen.

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