Jensen Ackles is going undercover for the LAPD as the lead of a new drama series from Chicago Fire’s Derek Haas

Jensen Ackles is going undercover for the LAPD as the lead of a new drama series from Chicago Fire’s Derek Haas

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is teaming up with Chicago P.D. creative Derek Haas for an intense new drama called Countdown.

Amazon MGM Studios is doubling down on its working relationship with Jensen Ackles after bringing the Supernatural alum aboard the hit television series The Boys for a new episodic drama, Countdown. The project hails from Chicago’s own Derek Haas, the writer and producer of shows like Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and more. Haas inked an exclusive deal with Prime Video after exiting Wolf Entertainment. Countdown is the first project to come from the pact.

Haas designed Countdown for Jensen Ackles after the Batman voice actor entered a first-look deal with Amazon MGM Studios for his production company Chaos Machine Productions. Ackles established the banner with his wife, Danneel Ackles, after his show-stopping role as Soldier Boy on The Boys.

According to the show’s description, Countdown follows a mysterious murder in broad daylight, leading LAPD officer Mark Meachum (Ackles) to join a secret task force of undercover agents from all branches of law enforcement to investigate. However, when the truth unravels, a more nefarious plot is revealed, confronting the team with opposing agendas as they try to save a city of millions.

“I had an incredible experience working with the Prime Video team on The Boys and am delighted to be able to continue that relationship on Countdown,” Ackles said. “I simply cannot wait to partner with Derek and the rest of our Countdown family to bring this story to life.”

“I am thrilled to be working again with Jen Salke and Vernon Sanders and all the excellent people they’ve assembled at Prime Video,” Haas said. “I love making shows that keep you on the edge of your seat with nonstop action, drama, surprises, and suspense, and I can’t wait to work with Jensen and for everyone to see Countdown.

Haas is as sharp as they come, with more than a decade of experience bringing intense drama to television screens. The combined efforts of Haas and Jensen Ackles could make for a glorious pairing on Countdown. It’s fantastic to see Ackles in the spotlight again after his epic run on the CW series Supernatural, and we’re excited to see what the Countdown team is cooking up.

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