Jimmy Kimmel teases Draymond Green over his suspension history and even he laughed

Jimmy Kimmel teases Draymond Green over his suspension history and even he laughed

Draymond Green has been involved in all the trouble an NBA player can get and it has been happening for years. It can hardly be said that he has been spared at the level of tangible sanctions by his franchise and the league. Despite his evident troubling attitude on the court, the reprimands of the 34-year-old power forward by the NBA have tended to fall short during the management of commissioner Adam Silver.

All of these uncomfortable situations have bee a focal point for the Golden State Warriors and the league to work on, as well as for him, but it has also been a topic for many jokes after recurrent actions from him and, naturally, comedians have feasted on the situations.

This time, it was Jimmy Kimmel’s turn to talk about the matter in question and he did no took light to the 4-time NBA champion. The images of Draymond Green grabbing Rudy Gobert by the neck as if it was a wrestling match during the regular season was the main topic, as he was suspended for five games.

Jimmy Kimmel worked Draymond Green and everyone had a laugh

While it was a heartfelt conversation in which Draymond Green opened up to Jimmy Kimmel about many of his on the court issues and how he is dealing with them, the tv host and comedian took a funny, yet shot at him while everyone was having a laugh.

“Yeah, sometimes you’re dipping your toe into another man’s testicles in a hard way,” Kimmel said while Draymond also laughed about it, but he did seem somewhat surprised by the joke. Then again, he knew what he was getting into when he accepted the invitation to the show.

In the conversation, he talked about his interactions with the referees and how he is focusing on making amends of any unfinished situations he might have with them or other basketball players for him to have success in the future.

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