Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes among NFL personalities hacked by crypto bros

Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes among NFL personalities hacked by crypto bros

In an unsettling development forCincinnati Bengals fans, star quarterback Joe Burrow‘s X account has been hacked by a group of cryptocurrency scammers. The cyber intruders have taken over Burrow’s social media to promote Solana, a cryptocurrency company, urging his followers to create their own digital currencies through a suspicious link. The incident was brought to light by the X account “Bengalorian,” which noticed the unauthorized activity on Burrow’s profile.

The hack is part of a broader trend affecting high-profile individuals.Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and NBC journalist Peter King have also experienced similar breaches. The scammers have a pattern of personalizing cryptocurrency tickers with the victim’s name, using “$JOEY” for Burrow and “$KING” for King. These tactics aim to exploit the trust and influence these figures have over their followers.

Peter King’s X account was similarly compromised, with the same Solana-related content and a personalized ticker. The breach was highlighted by an account named Blake Allen Murphy, which warned followers about the scam. These incidents emphasize the importance of cybersecurity, especially for public figures with significant online influence.

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Raiders fan hacks Mahomes’ charity account ahead of AFC-West showdown

Patrick Mahomes faced an even more invasive hack. Ahead of a critical AFC-West matchup against the Raiders, Mahomes’ charity account, “15 and the Mahomies,” was hijacked. The hacker, suspected to be a Raiders fan, posted explicit NSFW content and images of luxury vehicles, likely attempting to distract the quarterback before the big game. The hack was traced back to Las Vegas, adding fuel to the fierce rivalry between Mahomes and Raiders’ defensive end Maxx Crosby.

The hacking incidents underline the growing threat of cyberattacks against prominent personalities. Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, and Peter King are the latest victims, revealing a disturbing trend in online security breaches. These attacks not only jeopardize their personal information but also risk misleading their vast audiences into falling for scams.

In response to these breaches, experts advise high-profile individuals to bolster their cybersecurity measures. Strong, randomly generated passwords and professional security teams are essential to safeguard their accounts.

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