Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, following advice after breakup

Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, following advice after breakup

In case you did not know, Kayla Nicole is a very popular influencer on social media and she is also the ex-girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is now in a very strong relationship with Taylor Swift.

While the breakup with the NFL player was something that took a toll on her at the time, it seems that the situation is in the past and she has put behind her all the pain from hard times she had to deal with because of a love that went away.

In a recent Instagram post, she is wearing a blue bikini while on a photoshoot and in her smile, people can see her resilience after parting ways with football superstar. She captioned one image, “Boat days are a form of therapy I vehemently stand by,” and everyone can tell Nicole embraced a life beyond the gridiron, seeking solace in the therapeutic embrace of nature.

Also, in a TikTok video reposted to her Instagram stories she talks about a “post-breakup advice” from a conversation with her best friend, posting, “You need to be like, on yachts every day, sipping mojitos in Miami.” This lighthearted banter showcased Nicole’s ability to find humor and levity after the highly publicized split.

Time heals everything, even breakups

Although the football player’s love life has always been discreet before his relationship with the singer, it is important to note that Travis Kelce had a significant relationship at the time with model Kayla Nicole.

They began their romance in 2017, consolidating a relationship that lasted for five years. However, in 2020 they went through a crisis, initially attributed to the athlete’s alleged infidelity, although Kelce later denied these rumors. Despite this obstacle, the couple resumed their relationship in the same year, but unfortunately their reconciliation only lasted two more years, culminating in a final separation in 2022, the reasons for which still remain unknown.

Neither Kelce nor Nicole have offered details about the exact reasons for their breakup, Kayla has openly shared the emotional and physical difficulties she faced after the relationship broke down. In an interview with People, Nicole revealed that she had experienced a profound psychological and physical impact after the separation, reaching the point of seeking professional help through therapy to cope with the grief. Now she seems to be doing better as shown on her posts o social media.

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