Kyrie Irving confirms the reason he misses sharing a team with LeBron James

Kyrie Irving confirms the reason he misses sharing a team with LeBron James

During a recent podcast with J.J. Reddick, LeBron James said Kyrie Irving is the most gifted player he has ever seen. Leading up to the NBA finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics, Kyrie was asked about those comments coming from his former teammate at the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving clearly seemed like he would’ve loved to play alongside LeBron James again and even admitted he misses the Lakers star. Keep in mind that Irving was a potential option to play for the Lakers last year before he ultimately decided to play alongside Luka Doncic at the Dallas Mavericks. Kyrie went on a long response when asked about James’ recent praise directed towards him.

Lebron James admits he still mad at Kyrie Irving

Irving said: “I appreciatd his sentiments. Obviously, I’m in a different age, different place in my life. So is he. I think we both have been able to mature and really appreciate what we got a chance to accomplish,” Irving said. “I think there were some things that got in the way of our relationship when I was a little bit younger. Now that I’m able to vocalize how I feel as a man, be comfortable in it, stand on my square, my beliefs, where I’m coming from, I feel like our relationship’s different because of that now. Definitely miss him. Man, when he says comments like that, I think back to us having those moments where we’re down in a series, up in a series, we’re really demanding greatness from each other. Off the court, our families meshing well. … I definitely think about those times.”

Can Kyrie Irving lead the Mavericks to a championship?

Fortunately for Kyrie Irving, he is not alone at the Dallas Mavericks. In fact, he is playing this series alongside one of the young talents with the most unreal proyection in the entire league. Luka Doncic arrived at the NBA without realizing the tremendous impact he would have so early in his career. Irving is no longer the young buck he once was when the Cavaliers were dominant in the Eastern Conference. Today, Irving is a much more experienced player who is helping the Mavs tremendously with his still intact ball handling skills. He may not play with LeNron again but he is not doing terribly at the Dallas Mavericks with Luka Doncic by his side. Is he?

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