LeBron James causes surprise by unfollowing three NBA stars on social media

LeBron James causes surprise by unfollowing three NBA stars on social media

LeBron James continues to stay in the headlines as his son Bronny is poised for the NBA Draft, he’s set to enter unrestricted free agency and now because he has dramatically unfollowed three basketball icons for no apparent reason.

The first to be culled was Kendrick Perkins as he slammed the Los Angeles Laker for his comments about Kyrie Irving, as the 39-year-old said he missed playing with a colleague of that standard leading to Perkins to accuse him of trying to steal the Dallas Mavericks‘ player’s moment.

Lebron James admits he still mad at Kyrie Irving

“Here we go again, [LeBron James] weaseling his way into somebody else’s moment,” Perkins said on ESPN. “This is not about you! Your team is at home. You’re so mad and disappointed that you’re not Kyrie Irving’s running mate anymore.”

He was unfollowed swiftly after. Then the next two to go was Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin, although the reasons for these are currently unclear despite the report from NBA Alerts.

It seems as though the tense offseason might be beginning to take a hold of James’ personal life and his personal moods as his name continues to stay in the centre of basketball conversations, even though he won’t be back on a court for months.

Where will James go?

The Lakers and James have seemingly been unable to agree to any terms throughout the season and now as the organization begins to move towards Dan Hurley instead of J.J. Redick to replace Darvin Ham, that could signal his exit from California.

The four-time NBA champion knows he is still a wanted commodity after posting averages of 25.7 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game and 8.3 rebounds per game throughout the season and he also knows he is approaching the end of his career, so could he weaponize himself to ensure his son gets into the league?

Bronny, aged 19, is poised to enter the draft but he will not be one of the top picks on his own talents as advisors suggested he remains in the NCAA for another season. Yet, throw his father into the deal, then it gets a lot sweeter.

Could LeBron James‘ next team save some money from his salary on the condition that they pick his son in the next NBA Draft to get his foot through the door and into professional basketball?

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