Lebron James drops bombshell defensive strategy ahead of the NBA Finals

Lebron James drops bombshell defensive strategy ahead of the NBA Finals

LeBron James and J.J. Redick chat on the “Mind The Game Pod” podcast and give their opinions on the NBA Finals, which kick off tomorrow with Game 1 in Boston. “The King” responded to a question about the most effective way to guard star Luka Doncic in pick-and-roll situations.

While acknowledging that it’s easier said than done, LeBron, who will start his 22nd season as the oldest player in the league, replied, “I will say blitz.” He emphasized that switching is not an option, citing Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals where Luka score the game-winner against DPOY Rudy Gobert as an example. LeBron added that dropping in pick-and-rolls is not viable against Doncic due to his size and frame.

Luka and Kyrie are the most dangerous offensive players, having scored the most combined points in the regular season lead by the 33.3 points from Luka. Boston’s excellent defense will face a tougher challenge than it did in all the Eastern Conference playoffs. Jrue Holiday and Derrick White will be busy throughout the game, and substitutions will be crucial, as always in the Finals. It will be a chess match for Joe Mazzulla to determine matchups when they rest, particularly against Doncic or Irving.

On the other side, the “Jays” Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, along with Kristaps Porzingis’ return and the team’s excellent three-point shooting, could pose significant challenges for Dallas’ big men. With the level of talent on both teams, we can expect an epic Finals. Let’s hope for a Game 7, as it’s been seven Finals since we’ve had one, yes it was Lebron and the Cavaliers coming back from 1-3 against the Warriors.

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