Legal Action Launched Against Poppi Soda Over Gut Health Claims – aGOODoutfit

Legal Action Launched Against Poppi Soda Over Gut Health Claims – aGOODoutfit

Poppi Soda Gut Health Lawsuit


A lawsuit was recently filed against Poppi Prebiotics Soda’s manufacturer, alleging false advertising regarding its gut health benefits. Poppi Soda has previously claimed drinking it can help you maintain a healthy gut.

Kristin Cobbs of San Francisco filed the suit on behalf of consumers, targeting VNGR Beverage LLC, the Texas-based parent company.

While Poppi’s website highlights its ingredients—fruit juice, apple cider vinegar, and inulin prebiotics—the lawsuit contends that each can only contains two grams of prebiotics, too little for noticeable health benefits. It suggests that to see any effect, one would need to drink over four cans a day, which would also mean consuming excessive sugar, potentially nullifying any benefits.

Cobbs purchased the soda expecting improved gut health but found it lacking, potentially harming her health with overconsumption. The lawsuit also cites studies suggesting that excessive consumption of agave inulin, the type of prebiotic in Poppi, could have adverse effects, especially for those with existing digestive issues.

Poppi has yet to respond to the lawsuit at the time of writing.

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