Luka Doncic boasts about Real Madrid’s Champions League success before NBA Finals

Luka Doncic boasts about Real Madrid’s Champions League success before NBA Finals

As he prepares for the first NBA Finals of his career, Luka Doncic could not be happier.

Not only did the have the series MVP locked down, the Dallas Mavericks are thriving and his “other love”, Real Madrid, beat Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final at Wembley.

Luka Doncic trah talking everybody, what words did he have for Snoop Dogg ?

The Croatian spoke of his delight about the final on his social media account and bragged about winning their 15th European Cup – something he always does.

Just before stepping into Madison Square Garden to begin what could be a legendary battle for the championship ring, the 25-year-old couldn’t resist the chance to brag about their success.

“Of course I saw the [Real] Madrid game. Another title,” Doncic said during the first official press conference before the start of the NBA Finals. He then boasted about their Champions League success, adding: “People are used to winning titles in Madrid.”

Luka Doncic and Real Madrid’s love affair

Doncic and Real Madrid have an unbreakable relationship, despite the fact that they parted ways in 2018 when the Slovenian began his NBA career.

At the beginning of the season, he played against Real Madrid‘s basketball team with the Mavericks and the WiZink Center crowd gave him a standing ovation. He was honored to receive such a reception and continues to be the city’s great prodigy.

It was the first step in a season in which he reached a historic milestone: the Western Conference title and a place in the NBA Finals.

And he has his Real Madrid links to thank, as the media United States has stressed on multiple occasions. “Everything he knows was taught to him by the most successful club in football,” one article read.

And the NBA itself is not shy about comparing the Slovenian with the club that trained him in top-level basketball: ‘From being Real Madrid‘s youngest player to reaching his first NBA Finals. Luka has never shied away from the big stage,” the league’s website says.

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