Luka Doncic’s harshest reflection after Game 2 loss to the Celtics

Luka Doncic’s harshest reflection after Game 2 loss to the Celtics

The phenomenon of self-incrimination is not common among stars. They hit their numbers, often big numbers, and if the glory doesn’t follow, they are remembered as warriors. Luka Doncic doesn’t like that and after the Boston Celtics‘ 2-0 win over his Dallas Mavericks he didn’t want to talk about his historic numbers or about how worn out he is. He was blunt. ‘My mistakes cost us the game,’ he said in the press room.

Doncic, who recorded the youngest 30-point triple-double in Finals history, pointed to himself as the culprit. “My turnovers (8) and missed free throws (4/8) cost us the game. I have to improve in those two areas,” explained the Slovenian. Perhaps he wasn’t quite right in that particular area. But without Luka Doncic the story would be different.

Dereck Lively on Luka Doncic’s health after NBA Finals Game 2 loss

Only three players, LeBron James twice, Jerry West and Charles Barkley had ever recorded a triple-double of 30 points and defeat in the Finals. Only Michael Jordan comes close (34.3) in points scored after a missed Playoff game. Luka is not from this world.

He has made eight three-pointers in the two games, the rest of his teammates have made less than one. He averages 31 points in the two finals games, the next five leading scorers in the finals are all Celtics.


In addition to the fact that he is physically weak. He started the match with a bandage on after his chest discomfort became known. His knee continues to cause him problems. And every time the signs of physical exhaustion are more and more noticeable. But he fights… and there is still a lot of final left for the Real Madrid youth player.

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