Luke Kornet is the Boston Celtics funny guy who keeps the locker room together

Luke Kornet is the Boston Celtics funny guy who keeps the locker room together

A basketball team doesn’t reach the NBA Finals just on pure talent among its players. A lot goes into building the chemistry needed to succeed on the court, and a key catalyst in that team-building is the “locker room guy“.

Every great team has one or two players that simply exude personality and keep their teammates engaged and feeling loose mentally. For the Boston Celtics, Luke Kornet has proved to be that person.

Luke Kornet, Celtics’ funniest guy, reveals laugh-out-loud locker room secrets

MARCA’s Exclusive Interview with Luke Kornet

Speaking with Nacho Garcia for an exclusive interview with MARCA, Kornet was graceful when notified that his teammate, Sam Hauser, called him the “funniest guy in the locker room“.

I definitely try the hardest. I put myself out there. It’s kind of like to be an all-time leading scorer you got to shoot the ball a lot, and I think I get my attempts up of jokes a lot… I generally just like making people laugh.

When prompted on how important it is to have a “funny guy” in the locker room, Kornet answered with humility: “I feel like I’m just trying to be who I naturally am… having that [type of] person helps in those moments“.

Kornet has played a minor role during these playoffs, averaging 11 minutes per game, but he’s proving to be an integral part of the Celtics for other reasons.

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