NBA Finals 2024 Odds: What team is favored to win this year? Mavericks or Celtics?

NBA Finals 2024 Odds: What team is favored to win this year? Mavericks or Celtics?

The Boston Celtics have emerged as the clear favorites to secure the championship over the Dallas Mavericks.

With a commanding 2-0 lead in the series, Boston is poised to claim the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, bolstered by their impressive odds and recent performance.

Luca Doncic’s pain and turnovers haunt Mavericks in Game 2 of NBA Finals vs Celtics

Celtics have an 88% probability of winning

After a hard-fought victory in Game 2, where Boston overcame a tough shooting night (10-for-39 from beyond the arc) they managed to hold off a stellar triple-double from Luka Doncic to secure the win at home.

This victory has significantly shifted the odds in their favor, with bookmakers doubling Boston’s odds from -400 to -800.

This translates to an 88.89% implied probability of winning the championship, leaving Dallas with a mere 15.38% chance at +550 odds.

Boston’s journey to this favorable position has been marked by consistent excellence, particularly on the road.

They have maintained a perfect 6-0 record in away games this postseason, indicating their potential to finish the series swiftly if they continue this streak in Dallas.

Key players have been instrumental in Boston’s success.

Jrue Holiday and Jaylen Brown have delivered outstanding performances, while Jayson Tatum has showcased his playmaking abilities, compensating for his shooting struggles by forcing the Dallas defense to adapt.

Mavericks facing crucial battle at home on Wednesday

For the Mavericks, the path to a comeback is steep and hinges heavily on support for Luka Doncic.

Despite battling injuries, Doncic has been phenomenal, averaging 32 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists per game in the series.

However, his co-star Kyrie Irving has struggled, failing to hit a three-pointer in the series and shooting just 13-for-37 from the field.

The rest of the Mavericks have also faltered from long range, making only 2 of their 17 attempts in Game 2 outside of Doncic’s efforts.

As Game 3 approaches in Dallas, the Celtics remain in a dominant position.

With key players stepping up and a perfect road record, Boston is well on its way to potentially sweeping the series and clinching the championship.

For Dallas, the urgency to find support for Doncic is critical.

If they can rally around their star and improve their shooting, especially from beyond the arc, they might still have a chance to turn the series around.

But as it stands, Boston’s well-rounded performance and strategic depth have them as the heavy favorites to win the NBA Finals in 2024.

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