NBA Finals 2024 Prize Money: How much money will this year’s winning team get?

NBA Finals 2024 Prize Money: How much money will this year’s winning team get?

The NBA Finals are set to tip off, with the Boston Celtics taking on the Dallas Mavericks in both teams’ bid to go all the way to glory, win the ring and benefit from the financial incentives. This year, NBA playoff teams will share a pool of $33.7 million, with payouts determined by each team’s progress. The rewards range from $452,708 per team-about $30,000 per player based on a 15-player roster-to potentially $12.1 million ($804,000 per player) for the NBA champions.

Teams earn more money with each round they advance, and the NBA also considers regular season standings in the playoff pool distribution, offering an additional bonus to the team with the best record.

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For example, the Boston Celtics, who finished the season as the No. 1 seed with a 64-18 record, will see their players earn $804,000 each if they win the championship.

Meanwhile, teams seeded seventh or eighth do not receive bonuses for their regular season performance. Players on these teams could earn $698,000 if they achieve an unlikely run to the title. The lowest-seeded team to win the NBA Finals was the 1995 Houston Rockets, who were a sixth seed.

No additional financial rewards are given for the play-in tournament games beyond regular season salaries, typically paid over 12 months.

A financial boost

The NBA’s playoff pool has increased by 25 percent from last year due to the new collective bargaining agreement effective for the 2023/24 season.

Playoff bonuses have increased between 12 and 17 percent for each round, except for the NBA champion’s payout, which has surged 79 percent to $8.55 million from $4.78 million.

The average NBA salary surpasses $10 million, with Stephen Curry leading at $51.9 million. This season, 42 NBA players earned at least $30 million before incentives, including Kristaps Porziis ($36 million), Jrue Holiday ($35 million) and Jayson Tatum ($32.6 million) of the Celtics.

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