NFL legend picks the greatest quarterback ever, and it’s not Tom Brady. Who is it?

NFL legend picks the greatest quarterback ever, and it’s not Tom Brady. Who is it?

Former NFL player Lawrence Taylor made headlines recently when he snubbed Tom Brady as the greatest of all time (GOAT) in the NFL. Taylor, a legendary linebacker known for his aggressive playing style, expressed his opinion on Brady’s GOAT status, stating: “Listen, Tom Brady got all the rules on his side. You can’t touch him. . . If you hit him, if you breathe on him, they’re gonna throw a flag.”

Tom Brady receives incredible surprise video from his family celebrating Patriots careerParker Johnson

Taylor’s comments highlight a common debate among football fans and analysts regarding Brady’s success and the impact of the rules on his performance. Some argue that the protection of quarterbacks, including Brady, has made it easier for them to excel, while others credit Brady’s talent and work ethic for his achievements.

In February 2023, Taylor opted to pick up his former foe, Joe Montana, as the Greatest of All Time.

In addition to his remarks about Brady, Taylor also weighed in on other players in the GOAT debate. He snubbed Aaron Donald and mentioned several defensive players, including defensive end Reggie White, defensive end Deacon Jones, cornerback Deion Sanders, and cornerback/safety Ronnie Lott.

Taylor emphasized the importance of understanding the history and stories of players before discussing their legacies, highlighting the depth of knowledge required to engage in such debates.

Taylor argues Brady’s success due to QB protection

Taylor‘s comments add an interesting perspective to the ongoing conversation about the greatest NFL player of all time. While some may disagree with his views, his insights reflect the complexity of evaluating players across different eras and positions. The evolution of the game, rule changes, and advancements in training and technology all contribute to the difficulty of comparing players from different generations.

It’s important to recognize that debates about the GOAT are inherently subjective and often spark passionate discussions among fans. Each generation of NFL fans has its own icons and legends, and personal biases can heavily influence opinions on this topic.

As Taylor’s comments continue to generate discussions and debates, it’s clear that the GOAT conversation is far from settled. Whether it’s Brady, Taylor himself, or another player from NFL history, the debate will persist as long as football remains a beloved sport.

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