Randi Mahomes goes from Cowboys cheerleader to Chiefs biggest fan thanks to her son Patrick

Randi Mahomes goes from Cowboys cheerleader to Chiefs biggest fan thanks to her son Patrick

Randi Mahomes, mother of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has embraced her role as the Kansas City Chiefs‘ unofficial ambassador with gusto! Recently, she worked her charm at a pool party, where she befriended former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Sydney McArthur and welcomed her into the Chiefs Kingdom.

McArthur shared a fun moment on her Instagram story, posing with Randi while sporting a Chiefs-themed cap in blue, red, and white. The story, captioned “poolside w/ [Randi Mahomes],” was later reposted by Randi, highlighting their newfound camaraderie.

Patrick Mahomes’ mom, Randi, enjoys a glamorous night of casino and drinks in Dallas

Interestingly, McArthur’s support for the Chiefs isn’t entirely new. She was spotted celebrating Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory earlier this year, attending the game with her husband. McArthur dazzled in a sequined jacket emblazoned with the Chiefs’ logo, while her husband wore a black Chiefs sweatshirt. She captured the joy of the moment on Instagram, posting an adorable picture with the caption, “CRYING RIGHT NOW!

Randi’s enthusiasm for sports extends beyond football. She’s also a devoted fan of the Dallas Mavericks. Recently, she was seen cheering on the Mavericks with her daughter Mia Randall and son Jackson Mahomes as they battled the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Randi Mahomes also cheers for the Dallas Mavericks

Randi shared her excitement from the Mavericks game on Instagram, posting a series of photos featuring her and Mia in matching blue and black vests, while Jackson kept it casual in a black t-shirt. The family enjoyed the intense game atmosphere, and Randi even took a moment to snap a picture with former MLB star Alex Rodriguez.

Her Instagram caption expressed her excitement: “@dallasmavs are headed to the NBA Finals and we couldn’t be more excited!! We have had a blast watching them during the Playoffs

Randi Mahomes‘ infectious passion for sports is evident, whether she’s promoting the Kansas City Chiefs or cheering for the Dallas Mavericks. Her love for the game and her ability to rally fans make her a true sports enthusiast, bringing energy and excitement to every event she attends.

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