Savannah James unveils debut merch line with “Everybody’s Crazy” podcast, and LeBron approves

Savannah James unveils debut merch line with “Everybody’s Crazy” podcast, and LeBron approves

Savannah James, wife of NBA icon LeBron James and co-host of the popular podcast “Everybody’s Crazy,” surprised fans with a major announcement on the latest episode of the show.

The podcast, co-hosted by April McDaniel, has been gaining traction for its candid discussions on various topics, marking a unique venture for the usually private Savannah.

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Savannah James reveals new merch line

In an unexpected turn, Savannah revealed that she and McDaniel are set to launch their inaugural line of merchandise.

Speaking on the podcast, Savannah excitedly shared, “We have [merchandise] coming. We have bonnets, we have scarves, we have hoodies, baby tees, candles, all the things. And also some of our favorite things.”

LeBron James also showed his support for his wife’s new endeavor by promoting the merchandise on his Instagram story.

This move was made possible thanks to the growing trend of podcasts extending their brand through merchandise, providing fans with an opportunity to connect with the show on a deeper level while supporting its creators.

Savannah James cherishing connection with fans

Previously, Savannah had opted to keep a low public profile, but the host has been gradually stepping into the limelight with her podcast.

Offering a platform for intimate conversations and heartfelt advice, “Everybody’s Crazy” has allowed Savannah to connect with fans in a meaningful way, transcending her role as a basketball superstar’s wife.

In recent episodes, Savannah and McDaniel have delved into topics ranging from relationships to self-reflection, providing listeners with insights into their personal lives and experiences.

Savannah’s candid remarks about her love language and past traumas have resonated with audiences, adding a layer of authenticity to the podcast’s appeal.

“Not the things. Everybody cares about the things. My love language is not gifts. I want to spend time, I want to talk. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice, every now and then.”

Reflecting on her own journey, Savannah opened up about the challenges she faced during her high school days, particularly in relation to her relationship with LeBron.

“I had to defend myself. I had a lot of that. I had girls who didn’t like me and couldn’t tell nobody why they didn’t like me. My whole group of friends, it was tough. It was a lot,” she confessed.

Despite enduring criticism and bullying, Savannah remained resilient, ultimately emerging stronger from those experiences.

As “Everybody’s Crazy” continues to garner attention and acclaim, Savannah James remains a compelling figure in her own right, using her platform to share stories, offer guidance, and connect with fans on a deeper level.

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