Tom Brady trolls Mavericks fans in Celtics hype video ahead of NBA Finals

Tom Brady trolls Mavericks fans in Celtics hype video ahead of NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics found a unique way to hype up their fans ahead of the NBA Finals with a new hype video that has taken things to another level.

Seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion Tom Brady lent his legendary voice to the video, adding a touch of New England championship pedigree to the Celtics’ pre-series war cry.

Brady warns against poking Boston ahead of Game 1

In the video, Brady takes a playful jab at teams who chanted “We want Boston!” throughout the playoffs.

Miami, Cleveland, and even the New York Knicks (who, Brady points out with a chuckle, were eliminated by the Indiana Pacers) all fell victim to the Celtics after expressing that desire.

“You want Boston? Take it from me, that’s a bad idea,”Brady says to open the video, setting the tone for a montage of the Celtics‘ dominant playoff run.

Highlights of victories over the Heat, Cavaliers, and Pacers are accompanied by Brady’s narration, reminding fans just how unstoppable the Celtics have been.

The video ends with a clear message: every team that wished for a matchup with Boston has been eliminated.

Now, the Dallas Mavericks stand as the Celtics’ final hurdle.

It’s Boston’s toughest test yet, but with a historic regular season record and a potent blend of offense and defense, the Celtics enter the series as heavy favorites.

Celtics video receives praise from fans online

The response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

Fans loved the playful digs at other teams and the reminder of Boston’s playoff dominance.

More importantly, it served its purpose: getting fans and the team hyped for the challenge ahead.

With Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown hungry for their first championship ring, the Celtics are ready to battle.

And who better to get them fired up than a legend who knows a thing or two about winning championships in New England?

The stage is set for an epic NBA Finals showdown, and the Celtics are ready to prove that “wanting”Boston is a recipe for disappointment.

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