What’s The Best Beverly Hills Cop Movie?

What’s The Best Beverly Hills Cop Movie?

Lady Gaga earns early praise as Harley Quinn; casting director says she will “blow your mind”

Joker: Folie à Deux’s casting director says that Lady Gaga will “blow your mind” with her performance in the sequel.

Weekend Box Office: Despicable Me 4 is huge; Horizon still struggling to find an audience

Despicable Me 4 is proving to be another giant hit for Illumination, while Kevin Costner’s Horizon is showing wobbly legs.

Kill Review

This Indian thriller combines John Wick and Bullet Train with even more extreme violence and no sense of humor.

F1: Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie gets a first trailer

Brad Pitt’s highly anticipated Formula 1 project finally has an official trailer. Will it be the definitive F1 racing movie?

POLL: What’s The Best Beverly Hills Cop Movie?

Yesterday, we posted our official Beverly Hills Cop movie rankings, but now we want to find out what you think is the movie of the franchise!

Jon Landau, James Cameron’s longtime producing partner, dead at 63

Jon Landau, the Oscar-winning producer of Titanic and the Avatar films, has passed away at only 63 years old.

Emma Roberts says internet culture doomed Madame Web

Madame Web co-star Emma Roberts remains loyal to the movie, suggesting it never stood a chance against the internet.

The Best American Martial Arts Movies

From Bruce Lee to Steven Seagal and JCVD, we take a look at the best American martial arts movies of all time.

Box Office Update: Despicable Me 4 on track for $120 million; MaXXXine is Ti West’s biggest opener

Despicable Me 4 is a smash while MaXXXine breaks franchise records at the holiday weekend box office.

Beverly Hills Cop Movies Ranked: From Worst to Best

In honor of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F hitting Netflix, we rank all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies from best to worst!

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