Without playing, Aaron Rodgers receives a large sum of money from the NFLPA. How much will he earn?

Without playing, Aaron Rodgers receives a large sum of money from the NFLPA. How much will he earn?

Who wouldn’t want a job like Aaron Rodgers‘? The star quarterback of the New York Jets, even without playing the entire season, remains in the millionaire’s club. While his salary is paid even if he doesn’t play, Rodgers and other NFL players also earn extra money from bonuses based on their performance and other factors, such as jersey sales, merchandise, and more.

After injuring himself on the fourth snap of last season, Rodgers couldn’t access the performance-related bonuses that awaited him. Consequently, after participating in only four plays, his earnings in that regard amounted to just $81.14.

Aaron Rodgers practices for first time since Achilles injuryNew York Jets

However, thanks to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), many players receive a generous amount of money from all the group licensing agreements, including those negotiated through the NFLPA, such as video games, shirts, and trading cards. According to a Sportico report, each league player receives at least $32,000 from the NFLPA in this area.

How much will Rodgers receive from the NFLPA?

That’s why Rodgers, despite his four snaps before tearing his Achilles tendon, will receive $1.6 million from the players’ association. Even though he didn’t play, fans continued buying his merchandise.

In fact, expectations for this year with Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets are higher than last year, and fans are eagerly waiting for the season to start to see the multiple-time league MVP in action.

The Jets invested a significant amount of money in improving their offensive line to provide better protection for Rodgers, as well as making adjustments to their defense and receiving corps. As a result, the Jets are expected to be favorites not only to win the AFC East division but also to advance far in the playoffs.

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