Celtics’ Joe Mazzulla reveals whether Pep Guardiola coached the Boston players or not

Celtics’ Joe Mazzulla reveals whether Pep Guardiola coached the Boston players or not

The NBA Finals Game 1 between the Boston Celtics and te Dallas Mavericks had an unusual guest who was spotted coaching Celtics player Joe Mazzulla right before the game. It was later known that Mazzulla was the reason Pep Guardiola visited the team due to the relationship they have in private. They are good friends and stay in constant communication with each other. Guardiola was seen extremely focused while he was watching the game and that talk he had with Mazzulla sparked multiple conspiracy theories. Some even said Pep got into the Celtics’ dressing room to give all the players one of his famous ‘Pep talks’.

Celtics’ Joe Mazzulla shares his admiration for Pep Guardiola

MARCA’s own Nacho Garcia is visiting the NBA Finals and he got to ask Mazzulla about some of these theories. Plus, he also asked him about the relationship he has with the Manchester City manager. When asked about allegedly speaking to Celtics players, Mazzulla debunked that theory quickly. Only Joe was able to spend some time with the Catalan manager. This truth also automatically kills the theory that the Boston Celtics swept the Dallas Mavericks because Guardiola helped them. A Twitter user even wrote: “This psycho (Pep) can start coaching the Celtics at any moment if he wants.” But people love to speculate, it’s better getting to the source of the story as Nacho Garcia just did.

Joe Mazzulla’s relationship with Pep Guardiola

Here’s what Mazzulla said about Pep on Saturday: “We’ve known each other for a little over a year and a half. I’ve always just admired him and wanted to learn about him because of how he carried himself. The humility, the joy, the passion, and the work ethics he brings. The relationship that he has with his players and obviously the success that he has and my love for football. I really appreciate our relationship and any time we are together, he’s constantly learning. It’s great to see a guy who’s had that much success, who just wants to get better and wants to cotinue to learn. And I like who he is as a person. He is a high character guy and I just appreciate our relationship, it’s made me a lot better. I think the way he lives his life and builds his craft, that speaks for itself.”

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