Taylor Swift mania hits new heights as one fan creates Swiftie-themed outfit for her cat

Taylor Swift mania hits new heights as one fan creates Swiftie-themed outfit for her cat

Cindy Park and her cat, Badger, share a love for Taylor Swift, and this has been made evident by a selection of outfits Cindy has made for her feline friend, all in the theme of Taylor Swift costumes.

This latest height of Swift-mania has hit the United States, although the singer herself is currently in Scotland as part of her United Kingdom tour schedule.

Taylor Swift thrills fans with a rainy performance in Lyon

“As soon as he hears Taylor Swift songs, he gets all excited,” Park explained in an interview with People Magazine.

“I thought, ‘These costumes are amazing. Badger could rock these.’ Then I wondered, ‘How can I make them?'”

Finding no options to easily purchase costumes for cats, Park instead decided to create her own, using materials she sourced on the internet.

How were the costumes made?

Park, 53, began crafting and bedazzling costumes, creating a matching tour wardrobe for Badger, which she showcases on Instagram.

She updates the looks as Swift changes hers, although it has been a bit difficult to encourage the cat to stay still whilst she perfects the outfits.

“Treats help in the photography process, but you can’t force cats to do anything they don’t want to do,” Park notes.

Badger enjoys dressing up so much that he even brings Park the costumes and helps put them on.

“He lifts his paw to put through the armhole, then the other paw,” she added as she revealed she has nine cats in total.

“They’re all rescues and foster fails. They love the attention.

“He recognizes Taylor’s songs now, It’s Mommy and Badger bonding moments. I love it.”

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