DeMar DeRozan shares emotional story about Gregg Popovich and how he cried with him when his father passed away

DeMar DeRozan shares emotional story about Gregg Popovich and how he cried with him when his father passed away

DeMar DeRozan is just one of the 50 players who, in the entire history of the NBA, has managed to reach the figure of 20 thousand points in his career within the league. The moment he reached that milestone came when he faced the San Antonio Spurs, his former team in which despite some differences, he learned a lot to improve in his role as a passer and team player, with the knowledge of Gregg Popovich as his coach.

Everyone knows Coach Pop is the definition of class act, and when people need him, he is there. That was the case a few years ago, when DeRozan found out his father passed away. DeMar recently appeared on ‘the 25/10 Show’ with hosts LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson and he shared the story.

When DeRozan heard about what happened to his father, he contacted Spurs General Manager Brian Wright to say he was getting a flight home and then he said that, within 90 seconds of his call to Wright, DeRozan said that Popovich was at his door. DeRozan said that he and Popovich cried together for around two hours while coach said “I’m not leaving until you leave.”

The classy coach works all around

While Gregg Popovich has been doing all kind of acts of humbleness and kindness throughout his career, these have been a constant for everyone in the league and it happen later again, when DeMar DeRozan was in Chicago when he reached that milestone previously mentioned.

Upon reaching the desired figure and being part of such an exclusive club in history, DeRozan went to look for his coach at the Spurs to share a moment of tribute and congratulations, with Pop being a key piece in the reason that DeMar not only has become a better player, but his time at the Spurs led him to sign a great contract with Chicago for more than $80 million.

And furthermore, as if his display of class was not already known, Pop specifically called a timeout after the forward reached the record sum back in 2020. These years spent in San Antonio saw DeMar return to the All-Star scene, having in 2020-21 the best season of his career until arriving in Chicago, where he had personal records in assists averages, steals, eFG% and he became more than just a scorer in isolation.

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